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Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Wink brings a fresh twist to traditional eyewear stores by giving their customers the red-carpet experience, a nod to the high-fashion industry. Customers pass into Wink’s polished, modern, sophisticated atmosphere and are whisked down the catwalk to view the latest styles in eyeglass fashion. Friendly sales consultants greet customers with a refreshing beverage of their choice as they browse the amazing world of high fashion eyewear. The contrast of white against black gives definition to each function within the space, while reds and golds give elegance to the room.

HAND-RENDERED INTERIOR A quick rendering of the proposed colors in the retail space shows how the interior could look using the proposed colors of red, white, black and gold. It’s easy to see how the red flooring gives the client a path to follow, while other pops of red draw the eye of the customer to the edges of the store to see what other styles of eyeglasses are available.

CUSTOMER JOURNEY The red, yellow, and green lines represent possible routes a customer would take when entering Wink’s store. The Yellow Customer appears to be browsing and meanders through the store. The red Customer appears to know exactly what eyeglasses they are looking for. and takes a quick look around the store before sitting down to pick up their glasses. The Green Customer represents a customer who needs guidance and assistance in choosing the best Eyepiece.


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